You’ve come a long way CPP!!

Walking over to the Tunnel or Oppression program today, a poster caught my eye.  It was a “First Friday” ad for this upcoming Friday.  It got me thinking about how much Cal Poly has changed in my five years working on-campus.  When I arrived here, students considered Cal Poly Pomona a “commuter campus.”  Bronco pride was growing at a snail’s pace and the campus cleared out on the weekends (except for some of our residents.)  Over time and because of some very intentional leadership and guidance the President and his cabinet,  things have changed SO much!  The Bronco Student Center is open and available for students on weekends, the new outdoor programming spaces are booked, and there’s a sea of Bronco green and gold everywhere you look!  Our basketball team, nationally known, was featured as a top play on ESPN!  While all of these things stand out, the “First Friday” event stands out the most to me.  We’ve come to a place where we’ve got a major event on campus every month, on weekends, and at NIGHT!!

Seeing this poster made me smile and proud to still be a Bronco, even after working here for five years!


A Few Good Student Leaders

A Few Good Student Leaders

One of the best things about working at Cal Poly Pomona is being able to work as a team on some of the bigger tasks in the department. I know a lot of you are interviewing for positions on our campus but we are also in the middle of interviewing students for next year’s team of student leaders. We had 260 applicants for a multitude of positions including Resident Advisor, Welcome Week Leader, and Assistant Hall Coordinator. We are interviewing all week long and so far we are seeing a lot of great students. Not only are we working hard, but we are all still having a great amount of fun!



Random Acts of Kindness

An office full of bubble wrap!

IHC E-Board Members Johnny and Josh transporting bubble wrap across campus.

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week here at UHS!

This week, has a ton of programs planned to promote positive community membership. IHC (Interhall Council) will be covering the MPR with bubble wrap this week for our Valentine’s Day program for residents to get to pop along with many more fun activities! For now I get my favorite color stored in my box with yards of stress relief available.


Resume Workshop

 A passive on interview skills. 

Sharon and I being silly. 

So RLC isn’t the only type of recruitment we have going on right now– we’re also looking for student leaders!

The other night some of the RLC’s and I assisted in facilitating a resume workshop created by one of our interns. It was really fun getting to sit down and talk with students about their resumes. Since most of them were just coming out of high school, job experience was very light and volunteer positions were a really big part of their resumes. Things like community service, clubs and organizations were pieces that were highlighted and discussed. It really brought me back to when I was just starting out in undergrad trying to get my first leadership position.

I guess this is what you call one of those full circle type moments.

– Christy