Bronco Service Day at Garey High School

Bronco Service Day at Garey High School

During Fall quarter, I partnered with the Center for Community Engagement to plan the first Bronco Service Day of the year.  Every quarter the Center for Community Engagement plans a large scale service project for CPP students and staff to give back to the Pomona community. For this service project we worked with the Inland Empire United Way on the annual “Make a Difference Day” at Garey high school in Pomona.

For our project at Garey high school, we brought 40 proud Broncos to give back by re-doing the school’s ASB room and Parent’s room. As a group, we painted murals, assembled furniture, cleaned spaces, repainted rooms, and helped update the school. The hard work of our team was both gratifying and fun as we worked to connect with our community. I sincerely enjoyed working with the Garey High School ASB president as she guided our work to help make the ASB room awesome! This experience is just one of the unique partners we have with UHS that allows us to work above and beyond the arena of residence life. As a result of my partnership, I plan to continue collaborating with the Center for Community Engagement on upcoming projects to get our on-campus students involved.

Learn more about the Center for Community Engagement by checking out their Facebook page.

Read more about the volunteer day on Polycentric.

Get out, get dirty, give back! Be a Bronco Volunteer!


Chelsea Navarro, Residence Life Coordinator Montanas/Luna

Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day

Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day

Today, Cal Poly Pomona hosted the annual Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day (WRCSAD).  As I walked into the Ursa Major room of our Bronco Student Center, the excitement and energy level was so high that I wanted to connect with everyone!

It was amazing seeing all the undergraduates, graduates, new professionals.  Everyone was dressed sharply; we even had a few students attend who are interested in Student Affairs. During the conference I volunteered, presented, and did resume reviews!

The most inspiring part of the day was Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji’s keynote speech.  She has so many inspiring things to say, and her personal narrative was quite funny!  I tweeted a lot of quotes from her but I especially enjoyed these pearls of wisdom:

 “If someone says to you today, stay in touch with me, stay in touch with them!”
 “You need to be somebody unique.  You need to know what your passion is. What makes you tick. Develop a brand.”

Her words remind me how important networking is and understanding who you are as a professional.  If it was not for the guidance of my friends and mentors in the fields, I would definitely not be where I am today.  This is what WRCSAD is all about!

-Jason Lu

Pictured above (from Left to Right): Leezel Ramos, Jason Lu (me), Christy Orgeta, Grace Bagunu,