Academic Initiatives in UHS

The Academic Initiatives (AI) committee consists of staff and student leaders of the Residence Life Team. Our mission, as Academic Initiatives of UHS, is to honor what our UHS mission states, more specifically: “Opportunities for growth, leadership, and academic achievement”. We want to ensure our residents that not only is UHS a safe, respectful, and diverse environment, we are also an environment that presents an equal amount of opportunity for learning, socially and academically. What our residents may do in the comfort of their own study environments on campus can also be achieved in their residence halls and their suites.

“CPP Housing Academic Initiatives are resources and programs in Cal Poly Pomona residential communities that promote academic enhancement & excellence”, so we look at what research says students need to be successful, and then we apply our findings to our communities. A lot of “what actually works”, students already know; but they do not follow through and do it. For example, we know that students in study groups are more successful academically in college. As a result, Academic Initiatives work on a method to get the information to the residents and offer a common location for residents to get it done. After reviewing our stats of GPAs of our residents, we believed it is best to assist residents academically beyond the other academic resources on campus since they are in their residence more often. We also have the advantage of having access to majority of the first year class; and …

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