Being a California Transplant

One of the things I’ve learned in the past couple of months as I’ve transitioned to working for Cal Poly Pomona is that much like Texas; the Golden State, is its own entity. The California “state of mind” is no myth and the networks and connections here in Higher Education are more intertwined than a Shona Rhymes TV drama.

Working for Cal Poly Pomona has been a great stepping stone of introducing me into this new adventure I’ve deemed my path to becoming a “California Transplant”


The biggest question I had to explain to those around me who are unfamiliar with how Southern California operates asked, “Where is Pomona? What’s in Pomona?”

To try and make it easier one may want to reference LA because it’s in the greater LA area.

“I live outside of LA”


2Once that happens, the cynics will automatically go to one thing…

“Oh well good luck with sitting in traffic!”


And while SoCal traffic is something that is very real, it’s not the end of the world. I would suggest avoiding certain highways during certain hours, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Also, there are ways of getting around town on side streets and there are some great apps out there that help you get there fast!

4What I’ve found to be quite special is that people don’t realize the prime real estate that Cal Poly Pomona sits on!

We not only live on a beautiful campus that showcases the seasons beautifully…

5But we are set in the middle of everything that SoCal have to offer!

We are less than an hour to just about any beach in the SoCal area!


Beaches aren’t your thing? We’re also within a half an hour of some of the most beautiful Hiking trails in California!

7I understand that location isn’t the only selling point to come visit us at CPP. You want to get a feel for the people right?

There has to be a connection and that “good feeling” that you get when you meet everyone right?

Beaches and hikes are no fun if you don’t have anyone to do these things with right?

The one thing I learned from moving here to California is that people don’t really like to leave this state. Those who currently live here love it and don’t plan to leave anytime soon… That initially scared me because what if I didn’t fit in?

Let me tell you, those fears were squashed right away.

We are definitely not a community of exclusion, but more so the mindset of “the more the merrier!”

That’s not to say we may not ask you to cross a volcano full of bubbles and chant “one of us” when you finally get those California License plates that will forever plague you with the stereotype of being a “terrible driver”.

8Need more proof to check us out? Take this candid photo taken during our promotional photo-shoot.

That’s me in the middle staring right into the camera. I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking but I’m sure it was something along the lines like:

9“Well, this if my new California job, this is my new California life, and best of all…these are my new California friends…”


P.S. Did I mention our seasons are pretty great?