Living the Pup Life

The puppy life here leaves our dogs spoiled from all the love they receive due to our residents. Before I start talking about my loveable Shiba, I’m going to introduce a few of the other dogs we have on campus.

First up is the dog who has been at Cal Poly the longest—Dr. Watson, also known as Doc Wat or simply Watson. Approximately, four years old, Dr. Watson lives with his mother, Jazmin Rew-Pinchem who is the Residence Life Coordinator Luntanas (Montanas and Luna). He is the mascot for our service-learning and social justice themed buildings, and his side gig is showing his old soul and laying besides his mother while she crochets. He is a chill dog, very loyal, and loves 1-on-1 attention.



Living also in the Suites, Jack, an eight month old puppy resides in buildings, Bonita and Sol. Besides working towards becoming a trending meme on the interwebs, Jack is practicing to be a doggy David Beckham. Jack loves all beings—dogs and humans alike. You can always depend on this hyper baby boy to welcome you with kisses.


Next up, is Leo, aka “mop” dog. Leo is around two years old. His momma, Jocelyn, and I found him at an animal shelter an hour away from Pomona. Mommy Jocelyn knew she had found her baby boy after seeing him on the shelter’s YouTube. We do not know what breeds he is a mix of, but we’re sure he is a mix of cute and lovely. Leo is the mascot for Montecito Hall, and the residents there wanted to put his face on their hall t-shirt. He prefers humans over dogs and loves hiking.

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Finally, after saving the best for last, my Shiba Inu and American Eskimo mix, Kevin, is nine months old. Still a puppy, the older gentlemen on campus have a harder time keeping up with his energy. He loves jumping into green bushes, also known as the forest, and he loves playing with students. His full time job is grooming Alamitos residents–regardless of whether or not they are smelly, he makes sure that their fingers and toes are clean. His part-time job is being a stress reliever for students. Whenever they are stressed, residents know they can stop by my office and play with Kevin. This past week, my Resident Advisor took some residents to a campus-wide event, “Puppies in the Park,” and they said Kevin was cuter than the other puppies.15


My partner and I got him when he was only three months old, and he has been spoiled by us and my residents ever since. He loves to play fetch and learn tricks (as long as he gets some treats afterwards. He also loves the dog parks, and lucky for him, there are four around Pomona. The ones we like to go to are in San Dimas and Diamond Bar.


Because Jocelyn and I are first-time dog owners, we give each other a lot of advice and support. We also have other Residence Life Coordinators as our pet-sitters while we are gone.

17–By Michele