Celebrating Each Other

The minute I arrived at CPP I was given the opportunity to be part of our Celebration and Recognition Committee.  As a member of this committee I was able to help plan events to celebrate the hard work of our staff and recognize them for it.  Thus far we have plan potlucks, holiday celebrations, sport outings, and end of the year celebrations.  We LOVE our potlucks.  Each year a new committee is formed with members across our different areas including staff from maintenance, custodial, business services, and residential life.  Collaboration is not a rarity in our department as we strive to maintain our family work environment.

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This year we participated in a float competition during our Division Holiday Party were we had the chance to showcase the artistic talents of our staff (or mainly RLC Andy Garate as he is the artist in the group).  We were only allowed to use recyclable items to create a float that showcased the selected theme: “Goodbye to the Ortizes,” as it was the last event the previous president Ortiz was attending before retiring. Staff from all departments volunteered for hours to make the float a reality.  I’m sure you are asking, you got paid to do arts and crafts? Yes, yes we did J.  Feel free to add arts and crafts to our position description.

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Each month individuals submit nominations for our monthly Star Awards to the committee to recognize their hard work and dedication.    It is awesome to see how appreciative people from across the department are of you and your hard work.


As a member of the UHS family and the Celebration & Recognition Committee I have witnessed firsthand the amount of support this department gives to each other.  If you are looking for a home away from home you have applied to right place.