College Themed Communities

I knew I was going to love Cal Poly when I accepted the position last year but I never knew how much I was going to love it.  This campus is rich with diversity, initiative, beauty, and passion. I was (and still am) beyond amazed at the dedication the students have for their studies as well as their commitment to making the best out of their time here.

As a Student Affairs professional, our goal is to get students to transition into college and gain meaningful experiences while doing so, right? I know that is my goal! When I learned that University Housing Services received the Kellogg Legacy Grant to support our College Themed Communities (aka CTC–college themed communities throughout the buildings) I realized the opportunity I had to help make a difference in the lives of my students.  With the help of the amazing Christy Orgeta and Keiry Perez (see their bios on this blog, yay!), I was able to make these connections and have my RAs initiate programs and discussions to incorporate the colleges into our building. I am beyond proud of my RAs for reaching out to their professors and showing them that they have initiative and drive to help this CTC succeed. This is when I realized the passion and initiative that the students have here at CPP. They realize they have an opportunity to make a difference and they take it!

There are many CTCs in our residence halls and I would like to showcase some of the programs that have happened. I wish I could showcase them all but I can’t…..sadly. Anyway, here are a few of them:


  • Night Under the Stars: Dr. Matthew Povich, with the help of the Physics club, had what astronomers call a “star party,” or a “gathering of amateur astronomers to observe the sky.”Dr. Povich and Dr. Moreno from the Physics and Astronomy department gave residents roof access and mini lectures throughout the night while 3 high powered telescopes were constantly being re positioned to view different astronomical picture 3
  • Materials Science & Engineering with Dr. Ravi: Many residents had been asking about the Materials minor so Dr. Ravi came with one of his assistant professors, Jonathan Puthoff, and covered many topics on the minor: how to addit, the history of the program, courses necessary for all of the majors in the room, undergraduate research options, and an overview of what materials science was. He also spoke in depth about the benefits of the minor, and how it could distinguish you from other aerospace, chemical, mechanical, or electrical picture 4
  • Egg Drop Competition: Students had a variety of materials to engineer a way for an egg to survive a drop from the 2nd floor of a building. Residents learned about fluid dynamics and tested their engineering skills in this fun competition!blog picture 5
  • Dining with Disney: Pilar Hamil, General Manager of Disneyland Hotel and is actually a Collins College alumna, spoke about her time at CPP and gave insight from her hospitality industry experience while students had a full course dinner at the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch. blog picture 6

As you can see, our RAs and students have had a great time with these programs. They have gained valuable experiences with professors, staff members, and industry professionals to help them with their career journey. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing initiative within UHSand I hope to continue what I have started. My colleagues have done tremendous things with CTCs as well and I want to give them a huge shout out! GO BRONCOS!