Our guide to Cal Poly Pomona’s Acronyms:

ARLC – Assistant Residence Life Coordinator
BSC – Bronco Student Center
COD – Coordinator On Duty
CREL – Coordinator of Residential Education and Leadership
CORE – RLT Supervision Team
CPP – Cal Poly Pomona
CSU – California State University
FDA – Front Desk Assistant
IHC – InterHall Council (Similar to RHA)
LO – Los Olivos Dining Commons
NRHH – National Residence Hall Honorary
OSLCC – Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers
OTM – Of The Month, an award that you can be nominated for by NRHH
No Frills – A PACURH conference, only business, no spirit, programs, or competitions
PACURH – ¬†Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, also is a a conference we’re hosting in November 2014!
RA – Resident Advisor
RAK – Random Acts of Kindness
RHA – Resident Housing Association
RLC – Residence Life Coordinator
RLT – Residence Life Team
SRAP – Student Housing Leadership Conference, a conference that we hosted November 2013
UHS – University Housing Services
UPD – University Police Department
WACUHO – Western Association of College University Housing Officers
WACE – WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition, a conference that Cal Poly Pomona co-hosted in 2012
WRCSAD – Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day, a conference that Cal Poly Pomona hosted in 2012
WW – Welcome Week
WWLT – Welcome Week Leadership Team
WWM – Welcome Week Mentor