Cal Poly Pomona Homecoming Week

As our campus continues to grow, we continue to find new ways to build tradition and school spirit. This week is our first ever Cal Poly Pomona Homecoming week and it has been a very spirited one! Highlights have included spirit rallies, IHC’s Earth Love program, and the annual Lunar New Year program. As part of the spirit phenomenon, our athletics spirit crew the Herd organized a Harlem Shake during last night’s basketball game – enjoy as our President J. Michael Ortiz shows school spirit like a boss.

The Furry Side of Residence Life

Jack 1

My name is Jack Bauer and my Pa puh is Gary Gordon, the RLC for Aliso Hall. The residents have so many nicknames for me like Jack, Costco, Churro, Papi, Dog, Baby Thigh, Jack and I, and sometimes I get so confused! I am a happy healthy 8 month puppy, my Pa puh and Mum adopted me from the Humane Society. Even though my parents found me in the “spur of the moment” and think maybe I was an accident at times, I know they still love me. I LOVE eating random stuff on the floor/ground and I especially enjoy eating veggies like carrots, spinach, and peas. While my Pa puh and Mum are gone, I like to be sneaky by running, playing, and eating everything (it’s just because I’m curious). Every time I meet students, staff, and CPP community members, I like to bark, “Hey, Hey, Hey, new family, Hey, NEW Family!” Even though I can be a bad boy at times, I know my parents love having me around because I keep them company. I am very friendly to all people and the other CPP RLC’s dogs have told me that I am their favorite pup!

Laika 1

Hi friends! My name is Laika also known as “Little Lamb” and I am the newest pup to join the CPP RLC’s family! My mom is Chelsea Navarro, the RLC …

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One of the main reasons I LOVE working at Cal Poly Pomona are the students. And yeah, the residents are AMAZING but nothing could be better than having the group of motivated student leaders that I supervise; MY RAs! My staff had our weekly meeting last night which conveniently falls during dinner time. So, as a surprise, I made some pizza dough the previous evening and had it ready for our after meeting “Staff Time”. I was able to cash out all the toppings from Vista Market (conveniently located a whole 2 min. walk from me). I secretly disguised this as a teamwork activity and, needless to say, they really seemed to enjoy themselves during and especially afterwards. Enjoy the finished product:


 -Xander 🙂

Inter-Hall Council (IHC) presents: Winter Wonderland!

Inter-Hall Council (IHC) presents: Winter Wonderland!

The strangest thing happened at Cal Poly today…

The day started like any other in sunny Southern California: warm, welcoming, wonderful. The sky was its typical beautiful blue canvas strewn with wisps of cotton butts.  Nothing appeared out of the ordinary or, dare I say, extraordinary.  That is, of course, until IHC (our RHA) worked its magic and made it SNOW!

More than 200 residents came out to see what all the fuss was about.  For a number of our students, it was the first time they had experienced snow.  Some even tried to take it home!

The event was so joyous that a barbershop quartet began to harmonize in merriment! Eggnog and hot apple cider spilled with joy and gingerbread people found new homes inside satisfied bellies.

Kudos IHC for bringing the magic to your first ever Winter Wonderland!

David Lutman

CPP Sweeps SRAP (2nd year in a row!)

CPP Sweeps SRAP (2nd year in a row!)

On the 17th of November our RAs went to space battle at a conference called Southern RAP. The conference itself was host to near 500 student leaders from 16 institutions in the Southern region of WACUHO. Our Cal Poly UHS students leaders worked diligently and for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW our students succeeded in taking VICTORY! Our students presented 19 programs at the conference and RAISED OVER $1,300 for The City of Maywood and “Think Together!”, two very deserving philanthropies.

By the end of the day, Cal Poly’s University Housing Student Leaders were awarded 3 Top-ten programs, Top Community Building program, Top Educational & Professional Success programs, Top Environmental/Sustainable program, Top Passive Program, Top Overall Program, Most Philanthropic and THE SPIRIT AWARD!

This just shows how AMAZING our student leaders are! Here is a link to our article in Polycentric:

Bronco Service Day at Garey High School

Bronco Service Day at Garey High School

During Fall quarter, I partnered with the Center for Community Engagement to plan the first Bronco Service Day of the year.  Every quarter the Center for Community Engagement plans a large scale service project for CPP students and staff to give back to the Pomona community. For this service project we worked with the Inland Empire United Way on the annual “Make a Difference Day” at Garey high school in Pomona.

For our project at Garey high school, we brought 40 proud Broncos to give back by re-doing the school’s ASB room and Parent’s room. As a group, we painted murals, assembled furniture, cleaned spaces, repainted rooms, and helped update the school. The hard work of our team was both gratifying and fun as we worked to connect with our community. I sincerely enjoyed working with the Garey High School ASB president as she guided our work to help make the ASB room awesome! This experience is just one of the unique partners we have with UHS that allows us to work above and beyond the arena of residence life. As a result of my partnership, I plan to continue collaborating with the Center for Community Engagement on upcoming projects to get our on-campus students involved.

Learn more about the Center for Community Engagement by checking out their Facebook page.

Read more about the volunteer day on Polycentric.

Get out, get dirty, give back! Be a Bronco Volunteer!


Chelsea Navarro, Residence Life Coordinator Montanas/Luna

Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day

Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day

Today, Cal Poly Pomona hosted the annual Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day (WRCSAD).  As I walked into the Ursa Major room of our Bronco Student Center, the excitement and energy level was so high that I wanted to connect with everyone!

It was amazing seeing all the undergraduates, graduates, new professionals.  Everyone was dressed sharply; we even had a few students attend who are interested in Student Affairs. During the conference I volunteered, presented, and did resume reviews!

The most inspiring part of the day was Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji’s keynote speech.  She has so many inspiring things to say, and her personal narrative was quite funny!  I tweeted a lot of quotes from her but I especially enjoyed these pearls of wisdom:

 “If someone says to you today, stay in touch with me, stay in touch with them!”
 “You need to be somebody unique.  You need to know what your passion is. What makes you tick. Develop a brand.”

Her words remind me how important networking is and understanding who you are as a professional.  If it was not for the guidance of my friends and mentors in the fields, I would definitely not be where I am today.  This is what WRCSAD is all about!

-Jason Lu

Pictured above (from Left to Right): Leezel Ramos, Jason Lu (me), Christy Orgeta, Grace Bagunu,

First Year Experience Class

One of the most exciting opportunities I was looking forward to as I started the quarter was teaching a First Year Experience (FYE) class! I’ve never taught in a formal setting before, let alone plan a lesson plan for 30 first year engineering students! Teaching the FYE class was definitely out of my comfort zone.

Fortunately, Professor Tanya Faltens, was an excellent teaching partner! We met before the quarter actually started to discuss the topics I wanted to cover. Our conversation dealt with understanding the needs of these students and best teaching practices. However, what stood out the most was how much Dr. Faltens wanted to learn more about Student Affairs and what I did in Residence Life. It was a really meaningful conversation and I realized how powerful a faculty and staff collaboration could be.

So far, I’ve done a lesson plan on personality test and I have three more classes to teach including one on diversity (which is the one I am most excited about!) It’s been an amazing experience thus far and I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to do collateral outside of University Housing Services.


Maria Lazaro, Residence Life Coordinator for Encinitas Hall


After an amazing summer here at CPP we have been getting ourselves ready for the fall quarter. We happily await our students but in no way are we idle. We have hired four amazing new Residence Life Coordinator to join our staff. We have trained hard for our Resident Advisors and now that they are here, we are training with them. YAY!!! Here are some videos so that you can get to  our new and returning professional staff. Enjoy!

Intro to Xander                                                          Intro to Anna

Intro to Chelsea                                                        Intro to Christy

Intro to David                                                            Intro to Gary

Intro to Jazmin                                                           Intro to Mario

Intro to Maria